On March 20, 1827, in Canaan Township, Wayne County, Ohio, these two couples were married:


William WONDERLY[100] & Mary GINGERY[300]

Solomon GINGERLY[200]  & Sarah WONDERLY[400]


Are these couples related?


Who are the parents of each of these four?


Do any of them have siblings, and if so, who are they?


And what about John WONDERLY[500] and his wife Nancy GINGERY[700] who seem to move with William WONDERLY[100] & Mary GINGERY[300]?  When and where were they married?  Who are their parents? Are they also related?


And then there is John GINGERY[600] and his wife Francis.  They were also in the 1830 census for Wayne County, Ohio, living next door to the households of John WONDERLY[500] and William WONDERLY[100].  What family connections to they add to this puzzle?


This website will contain what information that I have collected about these families as well as some of their descendants.  Much of it I do not yet have proof for.  If you find errors in this data, please contact me.  Hopefully, with help from everyone, we will be able to trace these 4 couples back to Pennsylvania, where all were born, and find many earlier generations as well as more cousins.