1830 United States Ohio Census


For Baughman Township, Wayne County, Ohio, we find the following entries of interest:


            Page 135:

William Wanderley[100]             2000010000000-0000100000000

                        John Wanderley[500]                       1000010000000-1000100000000

                        John Ginger[600]                  1000100000000-1000100000000

            Page 136:

                        Solomon Ginry[200]                 1000010000000-1000100000000


For Marlborough Township, Stark County, Ohio, we find the following entry of interest:


            Page 24:

                        Mathias Wonderlich{2}             2000010000000-0000100000000


There are no other families with these surnames shown in the 1830 census for Ohio.



{2} Per Passenger and Immigration Lists Index from Ancestry.com, a Mathias Wunderly immigrated to America in 1817.  Reference:  The Swiss Emigration Book, Vol. 1, 1993.