Gregg's Hurricane Recumbent from Challenge Bikes
Original Pictures

Without further delay...

This is a picture of the front pulley.  The shield that is above the pulley extends down behind it.  I attached it as shown because the gear set that I chose to put on it caused the chain to drag against the shield when it was positioned on the outside.

I have since broke this pulley twice due to over shifting without enough chain. So, I pulled the tube up and over the pulley mounting tab and attached it with zip ties. Pictures to come...

Here is a view of the rear derailer.  Note that it is nearly fully extended forward to clear the largest chain ring.  The length of the chain was critical to get this clearence.  You can just make out the disc brakes on the back side of the chain rings.  The brakes work exceptionly well.

Here's a view of the other side of the rear chain ring/derailer interaction.  It makes a little noise in this configuration since the chain slack will cause it to vary its distance from the chain ring.

Here's a slightly obscured view of the wire/zip ties that I used to secure the coarse padding to the seat back.  This is working out well.

Here's the wire/zip ties at the top of the seat back near the rack mounting location.

Here's the bike leaning against a wall in our offices.  I ride at lunch time, typically around 15-20 miles along the River Trail path.  See that bag on the back?  I can stuff my camelback into that back and feed the tube up to my chest so that I can get some refreshment while riding!

Another view of the bike against the wall.  Doesn't it look fast!

Here's me riding slowly to try and let the photographer get a non-blury picture.

If you ride too slow, and don't get your feet on the ground fast enough, you can get too much weight over the side of your leg and this is what happens!

This time, I am riding a little faster...

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