My Challange - HurricaneGregg's Hurricane Recumbent from Challenge Bikes

2500 miles later... (Jul 2002) FreeWheel Completed

Well, I had a lot of fun on Oklahoma FreeWheel!  I road hard through the hills and that really made it more fun, and kept the wind blowing.  We got up at 5:00am every morning for breakfeast and tried to leave by 6:30am.  I made it out later most times but earlier a few times.  Here are my
Day Accum Max Speed Accum Elapsed Time Accum Avg Speed Distance
1 40mph 3:11hrs 17.3mph 49.8mi
2 48mph 7:30hrs 17.0mph 68mi
3 48mph 10:50hrs 17.9mph 55mi
4 48mph ? 17.4mph 72mi
5 48mph ? 17.3mph 40mi
6 48mph ? 17.0mph 67mi
7 48mph ? 17.1mph 38.4mi

Now, on the last day, I was staring at my computer and noticed that it was fluctuating between 22mph and 18mph occasionally.  I stopped and moved the sensor closer to the wheel and that nonsense stopped.  I finished the trip with 410 miles indicated on the computer. I rode around in some of the towns we encountered including riding into and out of Red Rock Canyon. Well, almost out. I stopped on the last segment of the hill out because I could not use my tripple that day due to kicking my front derailer and having to fix it on the road and leaving it configured incorrectly to only allow me access to the two bigger gears. I power climbed at 10mph up to that point though!

On day 3, we had a great tail wind out of O'Carche into Hinton and I road at 33mph to 35mph for the segment (out of gears). The previous portions of that day, I also road at 30mph+ on the northerly routes and did well in the cross winds compared to the wedgies and tandems that I passed.

The bike continues to be exciting to ride, and I continue to marvel at the wedgies that will not attack downhills and up hills to take advantage of the potential energies that they create riding to the tops of the hills. I stormed past many people at the bottom of hills at speeds in excess of 40mph (compared to their 10-15mph) and passed several at the tops of hills who where spinning at 5mph when I was cranking at 10mph to keep the wind blowing over me.

I saw many recumbents out on the road and tried to spend some time talking to lots of riders at the fruit and water stops. I met a lot of nice people and we had a lot of good entertainment from the local community groups. If you have not done Free Wheel before, I'd highly suggest that you give it a try.


2000 miles later... (Jun 2002) FreeWheel Bound

Well, I've only put another 500 or so miles on my bike in the past 8 months and that seems like so little to be getting ready to go ride the 440 some miles of the Oklahoma FreeWheel!  But, alas I hope to meet up with my buddy Steve from college days and get reaquainted and find out what's been going on in his life.

I have quite a bit of wear and tear on the drive train.  Probably right after Free Wheel, I will replace the rear cassette.  Before Free Wheel, I will likely replace the rear derailer.  The bike (and I sometimes) have fallen over on that side enough times to have put some bends in it.  Also, the lower gear on the idler set is almost flat and I am getting a lot of noise off of it while pedaling as the chain skips around.  I can't seem to get the 2nd from the top gear on the rear cassette to not skip when I have the cable set to a configuration that makes up and down shifting work through all the other gears dependably.  This is really unfortunate because 2nd from the top is a great gear for most hills and I am having to use 1st which slows me down on some hills that I really don't need 1st on.  I just can't do 200rpm for long!

The bike also needs a serious bath and going over before Free Wheel.  We'll see if I can get that and everything else done...

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